BitMEX to launch its own software client for Bitcoin network

Victoria SavchukOctober 22, 201818

A popular trading platform BitMEX has announced about its intents to release a software client for the main network Bitcoin (BTC) dubbed Bitcoin BitMEX Research.

According to the BitMEX representatives, the new software solution will exclude delusions about the Bitcoin protocol control, including misbeliefs about the repository software Bitcoin Core which is responsible for the digital asset development and can ban changes in Bitcoin consensus rules.

As the official exchange blog states, this delusion was spread at the time of hot debates about Bitcoin scaling, and the community considered this discussion as a competition between Bitcoin Core developers and large crypto- and mining companies.

The new softare client by BitMEX will represent the fork Bitcoin Core. Its aim is to reduce the dependence of Bitcoin network from the repository of a popular client without any risks for the ecosystem. In this way, the developers team of the new software wants to show that the Bitcoin protocol rules are controlled by users.

“The BitMEX Research software client doesn’t change Bitcoin’s consensus rules. As a result, the delusions about this controversial divison of the chain are irrelevant. That’s why if the Bitcoin Core repository is hacked or deleted, code base will be still improving due to the repository of Bitcoin BitMEX Research,” developers at BitMEX explained.

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Victoria Savchuk