Sia Blockchain to launch its new hard fork in late October

Victoria SavchukOctober 23, 201843

Sia Blockchain Network has released a formal code for its hard fork which blocks miners who use Bitmain and other equipment.

David Vorick, founder and CEO of Nebulous (a pro-profit company with the $239 million distributed storage protocol), announced the launch of version 1.3.6 on the official website of Sia. He also remarked that the hard fork is going to be activated on October 31.

“All users who want to stay on Sia Network have to update till October 31. All major exchanges are going to take part in this,” said Vorick.

In January Bitmain released its product AntMiner A3, specially oriented on the network’s token Siacoin. The exchange also added support for Siacoin on its mining pool AntPool.

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We wrote earlier that Bitmain introduced Antminer DR3 for Decred mining.

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Victoria Savchuk