Bittrex users to get access to an international division

Victoria SavchukOctober 30, 201835

Bittrex International has introduced new improved listing procedures and advanced options for qualified customers from different countries.

The international platform will be open for all existing Bittrex customers, except for the U.S. residents.

Testing of Bittrex International will be conducting during next weeks. It should be marked that previously the platform had plans to name its division ‘Bittrex Malta’.

As Bittrex representatives state, the listing procedure took them several months. At Bittrex International this process is has been improved, therefore it would take far less time. At the same time token developers will gain access to the company’s partner network.

The exchange will act in the framework of EU and Malta legislation.

“We believe that the main thing for tokens developers team is to invest their time and money in technologies and business development. Bittrex International and will not charge fees for listing,” Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara claimed.

Apart from that one should underline that coins, which have a desire to be added on Bittrex International, have to comply with determined standards of new tokens. They include such criteria as ‘authenticity’, ‘innovation’, and ‘quality’. Coins must not contradict to the Maltese law on “Virtual Financial Assets”.

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Victoria Savchuk